Category Tier Levels

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Hi All

I would like to make a suggestion about category tier levels, I think a lot of businesses would benefit from being able to create multi level tiers for product groups.

We have a auto spare parts online shop and we also have a retail shop.

The way multi level tiers would work for us and many others.

Make - [Suzuki] Model Name - [Sierra] Model Code - [SJ70] Group - [Engine]

This would let you drill down to exactly the parts for a particular car model section.

This would be great in B2B portal, Inventory, POS, and pushing out through the API to your website.

This type of setup is done by an Australian company called Neto, you can build any number of levels for categories and allowing product to be listed against multiple categories.

Other members please add your thoughts if you also think this would work for your business and be a good addition to Dear.



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2 people like this idea
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