New way to pick , pack & Ship

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 The way the pick and pack is at the moment is not the best way. We have seen other systems work like this:

All orders that are ready -

On the top, it should be a button - print pick list (label formatt and it should also have a unique barcode on)

then items can get picked and put in each box.

Once you are ready to pack, you press a button - ready to pack

You scan the pick list barcode - it comes up with the order - you then scan the item(s) that are ready to pick. Once you finished, you press finish and then it comes up with the shipping section where you select the carrier. It then prints of the shipping label as well.

This would be the best and simplist way to do the picking and packing and shipping.

So its all barcoded and not a lot of clicking then :)

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