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We've recently starting using the Dear B2B portal which we're loving, but would like to see some improvements...

Here's a list of our so far, please feel free to add yours in!

  • Show more info Order Info view: Delivery address details, Required By date
  • After an order is completed, send an email notification to the user, and the default user associated with the Customer profile in Dear
  • Ability to download the Invoice for all orders for that account, even if the order isnt placed in the B2B portal
  • Show order fulfilment status and tracking number once order has been shipped
  • The order should come into the Dear Sales module as an Advanced Sale instead of Simple Sale (or at least an option in the B2B integration settings to select)
  • No doubt there's more to come... please add yours in!

Please like, upvote, comment to make this improvement important to the Dear dev team

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  • The stock Status in B2B named In Stock is currently configured to stock On Hand in Dear main module.

    We should have the option to configure this to Available instead of On Hand.

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  • Ability to show a carousel (more than1) image per product

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  • Allow Additional Attributes for Products in families (AA for the individual products themselves, not AA for the family)
  • If a product is set to Optional or Always drop ship the customer sees the term "In Stock" regardless of the stock level we have in our building which is usually what they are interested. The term "In Stock" is also a confusing way to state that the item can be drop shipped. I suggest the following two changes.

    1) If a product has an available quantity then the customer should see "# in Stock" in the B2B portal.

    2) If the available quantity is Zero and the product has Optional or Always drop ship options selected then the customer should see a term such as or similar to "Available for Drop Ship" 

    Item 1 above should trump 2 above so they see my stock level before the availability to drop ship.


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  • Need to allow more options in here, esp one for Draft Order


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  • Add carrier and tracking number to B2B Portal.

    So that users can reference this information easily, please add the carrier and tracking number to the B2B Portal. Could also include other shipping information like the number of boxes.

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  • At the moment Discounts, and Specifications tabs only shows in individual products which are not part of a family.

    We need these tabs to show in Product families as well.

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  • Ability to auto-suggest Qty buy discounts at the Checkout stage

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  • Merging a separate request into this thread:

    It would be great to have the option to show a second price tier.


    We are a wholesaler, and the wholesale price of a product is $65.00, and the RRP is $119.00.


    Our reseller can see their cost price of $65.00, but they would also like to know the RRP of the product.. so in our case we would show the wholesale price in the primary price tier, and the RRP in the second price tier.

    I'm sure there would be other cases where this could be valuable, e.g a single-buy price, and a multi-buy price...


    Like/upvote if you think this is a good idea! 

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  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has been developed and available in Production.

    The following user suggestions are addressed within the development

    • Display more info in Order Info view: Delivery address details, Required By date, Tracking Number, Carrier
    • Ability to auto-suggest Quantity by discounts at the Checkout stage
    • Option to show a second price tier in products

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

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