Users and Permissions - while editing a user permissions

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1) When you go into a user to edit their permissions, you cannot actually see the name of the user you are editing anywhere on the screen. You need to then click Back to List to get back to the list, and even then you have no idea who you were just in (relies on memory).

It's only a small thing but annoying that it doesn't identify the user once you've clicked on their name.

2) There should be a way we can save a set of permissions and give them a name (sort of like how Report layouts work). That way we can apply a stored set of permissions across many users quickly.

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  • agree this would help to make sure you're allocating the permissions to the right user...

    Nothing quite as worrying as the wrong people having the wrong access/controls :)

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  • +1

    Completely agree with both of these feature requests.

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