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A really useful feature to have on the fulfilment section of sales. Would be to have what percentage of the order is ready to pack. 

Currently it will just tell you if it is ready to partial pack, and the only way to tell how much is actually ready is to click on the sale and then click 'pick available'.



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  • Great idea.  Instead of having to do the Pick step, I would like to be able to see the available stock count for the item in the table with the product.  The Available/On-Hand is listed when selecting a SKU, but that's the only way before performing the Pick.  Instead, I would like to see the availability of the product BEFORE doing the Pick.  For example, something like the way availability is listed for a BOM when doing a Production Assembly.  The data is available, it is just a matter for adding a column for it.  

    This would also be very helpful with Backorder management.  

    There could also be a very obvious RED=No, GREEN=Yes indicator as to whether everything in the order has available stock. 



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  • It's really needed! Instantly improves the system.

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4 people like this idea
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