DEAR/Shipstation Integration Update

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Hi there,

We are excited to see the progress DEAR has made with the Shipstation integration! We have begun to use the feature, however it still seems a bit unfinished. Here are the current issues we've run into:

1. No option to create preset packages. We have specific box dimensions that we have negotiated rates with to use (i.e. 12"x 10"x 6") and at this time we have to type these dimensions each time we print a shipping label. Is there a way that we can create a list of preset package dimensions in a drop down menu?

2. We are not having any success printing UPS labels via DEAR yet. We selected UPS as a carrier, UPS Ground as a service, and "Package" as an item, and clicked Generate Label. We were given an error message regarding the Ship From location?

3. It seems like another easy fix, so how about allowing us to enter weights in pounds and ounces, rather than pounds via decimal? (i.e. 2lbs. 4oz. vs. 2.25lbs). 

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