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The supplier deposit functionality was recently enhanced to use its own pop-up to collect data. But the overall function seems to have got worse....

1. If you modify a deposit it does not sync to Xero -- to do that you need to create a new deposit and delete the old

2. When you come to invoicing you need to add in the deposit manually otherwise it wont be included. For some reason the description changes when you add in

3. Deposits can become unallocated from their POs so you can get to the situation where they appear in DI but do not count towards the supplier's account. This has led us to double-paying on several occaisions. See the attached image the payment of 22,437.90 has been recorded but is not allocated in DI. DI does also not tell you that it is not allocated. But if you follow DI you would think this amount is due.

Maybe it would be good to understand the business process DI is trying to support here. It is surely different to ours.

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  • I would like to add my 2c to this if I may, and create point #4.

    4) If you create a Supplier Deposit against a Purchase Return (Credit Note) and enter the wrong date to it, deleting it will not remove it from the Supplier Deposits list. You may add your new one in, and that one will sync through to Xero and be utilised against the Invoice in DI, etc etc, but your old one will still be showing in the Supplier Deposits list, like a shag on a rock. DEAR support have advised me that to delete a Supplier Deposit, you need to undo the whole PO and delete it, although I suspect this is incorrect. I am going to raise a standalone invoice, assign the Supplier Deposit against it, and then skip both in the Xero integration in an effort to get rid of it. 

    This seems unnecessary to me! 

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