Customer Profiles - Additional Attributes don't follow into the quotes, SO or Invoices.

started a topic over 2 years ago


The Additional Attributes for each customer are maybe good as they are for some people but for us, they are only halfway there and need an additional feature.

I don't have the option for these Additional Attributes to "Follow" the customer's profile when it s chosen for a new order. The Attribute has to be filled in EVERY time a new SO or Quote is started. If not a default setting, this should at least be optional to set as an Attribute that is part of the clients info pulled to the SO (like their phone number etc)! The mapping is already there. 

Example: my clients fall into NORTH territory or SOUTH territory for delivery. When I am looking at my Sales screen, and see my list of pending orders, I can currently filter the settings to SEE any of the attributes I want, except currently they're blank (unless I fill them in for that order!) It should come up like Status, Sales Rep or phone number etc.

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