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It would be nice to go to the sales order screen and pick an option to list all the sales orders that can ship complete. For example you have 100 orders. All of them have some back ordered items on them. A purchase order comes in and is received. Now say 25 of the 100 orders can ship complete. The only way to find them is to go through each order manually and check every item. It's insane.

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  • Agreed. I think you are asking for something a little bit different than us, but I think it's related. 

    Our single biggest issue with DEAR is that there are so many stages/names/statuses for a sale. Ordering, fulfilling, fulfilled, pick, picking, picked, pack, packing, packed, quotes, draft quotes, pending, authorized, unfulfilled, invoiced, invoicing and BACKORDERED... and there are probably more.....

    And there are different terms on different screens (dashboard, all sales, reports)!

    It's basically impossible to find one place where we can see what orders are left to be shipped. 

    The most frustrating is the BACKORDERED classification seems to be anything that was backordered at the time the order was placed. Even if the order is now shipped, completed, paid, will still show up under a backorder report. What is the purpose of that? 

    We take "preseason" orders which DEAR seems to be unequipped to understand. Reports (the main date range) pull from the date the order was placed with is meaningless for us and makes it very easy to miss sales in a report. 

    Prior to DEAR we used MYOB. We had one simple list of orders not yet shipped. I understand that DEAR is a lot more sophisticated and we couldn't do what we do now with MYOB but it seems like DEAR needs to step back and simplify this and re think some of the statuses (such as backordered). 

    Having to undo an order for any reason will also move it from one status and you can't go back...meaning if you are trying to go into the 1000's of orders and get them all at one stage to help you can't. 

    We just need one simple list of any order yet un shipped period PLEASE. And from there you should be able to see which you can fulfill in full and which ones you can't (what Brian is asking for). 

    Or if I'm missing a simple way to do this (and it's not for lack of trying, I've searched for 3 years now), please advise. 


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2 people like this idea
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