Pick Raw Components of Auto-Assembled Products from Sales Screen

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Currently, in DEAR you can set up products as an Auto-Assembly/Kit. In our business, we often sell products in a bundle for a lower price than each product individually, therefore, we have to use the Auto-Assembly/Kit Feature to group our products. 

Many of the raw components that make up this Auto-Assembly/Kit feature are located in BINS. 

Currently, when you are in a sale and add an auto-assembled product is added only that one bundled item is shown on the pick screen. It does not show each raw component within the pick screen. You can print out an "Expanded Pick List" where the raw components are shown, however it does not display the BIN location the raw component should come from. It currently only shows the Warehouse location but NOT the BIN location.

Feature Request #1) Make the expanded picklist show the true location. WAREHOUSE:BIN

Feature Request #2) Make the sales screen show the raw components that make up an auto assembly and have the ability to select where the items come from rather than have to go into the assembly screen to find the bin location and make changes if necessary. 

At the least, if none of this can be done, just like when a drop ship order creates an automatic purchase order, it references the purchase order creation in the log. When an auto-assembly creates an Assembly it should reference it in the log. 

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