Add ability to allocate shipping materials as a part of fulfillment process

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Shipping Materials is one category of stocked items in DEAR for which businesses are not usually able to allocate as a part of the business workflow.

Because orders vary in size, it does not make sense to include them in a BOM.

And putting shipping materials on customer orders does not make sense.

So, here's my proposed feature request:

Have a place on the Pack tab to allocate shipping materials to an order.  This could even tie in more closely with the actual "boxes" listed in the pick tab.  Of course, a business might also want to allocate other shipping materials such as packing materials, labels, etc.

This feature request dawned on me today as I was explaining to a client, for the Nth time, that shipping materials are not easily allocated in DEAR and that instead they need to do periodic stock counts of their shipping materials.  

Implementing this feature would give businesses an option to use it if they want their shipping materials allocated as a part of the fulfillment process.  It could even add to the COGS for that order, maybe distributed the same way the Overhead & Labor is distributed to COGS.  Hmm.  And, maybe while you are at it, adding a Overhead & Labor as part of the fulfillment process would help capture more COGS.

This might be a crazy idea.  Does anybody else like this idea and, more importantly, would you use this feature in your business?

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  • I like that idea as well !

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2 people like this idea
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