Import eCommerce Product Options/Modifiers/Customisations as line item comments

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DEAR Support,

Please consider supporting Product Options/Customisation in a future improvement release for integration with eCommerce platforms:

Often where custom made or customised products are sold, retailers use product options/customisations in their eCommerce, instead of around adding potentially hundreds and thousands of variant products, due to an large or infinte number of possible variant combinations. This means stock is tracked against one SKU and any customisations are treated as "additional information" to the base product because they do not affect inventory.

Magento: Custom Options

Shopify: Customisation Information

WooCommerce: This request is usually handled by a third-party plugin to allow customisation for products as WooCommerce does not natively support it. One such plugin is "Product Add-Ons".

An example is a polo shirt with a name embroidered on the pocket.

We have three products:

- Small Polo Shirt

- Medium Polo Shirt

- Large Polo Shirt

The customisation information required before adding the product to the cart would be "Name to embroider on shirt" - eg. "John". This data is entered by the customer at checkout.

Ideally, we would like this information to be passed down to DEAR as a line item comment, so we can associate such customisations with particular items when fulfilling the order. This would save double-handling of orders (ie having to print the order out of the eCommerce, and also having to print the pick list etc in DEAR)


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