More Options in Deals/Discounts set up

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In Deals, where you specify which customers are eligible for the Deal, it would be great if there was there was a couple more options:

- an "All Customers Except..." option > then you manually select which customers are excluded from the Deal

- "Price Tiers", so you can select customers to be eligible for the Deal by their Price tier

- a "Sales Representative" option, where you can choose the Deal to apply to Customers which have the selected Sales Representative/s assigned to them

Please do it :)



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  • Also, it would be great to have the option of automatically adding products to a cart if the order qualifies.

    This might be, "Spend over $3,000 and automatically receive 4 free Blue pens!"

    The customer should not need to add the Pens to the cart, DEAR will add them automatically.  In this case, there must be an ability for the customer to delete the free products if they really don't want them and turn off the auto-special.

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  • Another thing is to provide logic on the number of items required to qualify or provided as the benefit.

    At the moment, if a qualifying Deal says get 4 of a product, you must put 4 into the cart for the discount to be applied. I would prefer if we could state <=4 so the discount would be applied for lower quantities.

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