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Is there a possibility to add a Carton/Item Qty for each product sold.

For example: if SKU1234 came in a carton of 40, then there is a field that you can enter in this qty for future reference or to assist with future ordering, order picking or bulk customer orders.

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  • Yes, like a Pack Size or Inner Carton Qty field

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  •  Yes please.  I'd like cartons be be implemented as inventory units.  Bit like dollars and cents.  We sell books, they are all stored in cartons but we do pick individually out of one carton till depleted or a customer orders by the carton. Our main warehouse is only cartons but we have to stocktake by single titles. It is a pain..  We often ship cartons not individual units. What do other people do?  If we could enter the carton value we could then count by carton and then a period and the number of single titles. Ie a quantity of 100 books that uses cartons of 48 could be written as 2.2.  Maybe a stupid idea but I'm new to this inventory business but surely there is a better way than this?

    Maybe there is a way but I don't know it?



  • @Mark, Dear's initial suggestion on this was to create a separate SKU on which BOM & auto-assembly is turned on.

    The BOM consists of the original SKU x pack size qty 


    PRODUCT-ABC    (single unit)

    PRODUCT-ABC-P10   (PRODUCT-ABC in pack size of 10). This contains a BOM & auto-assembly of 10 x PRODUCT-ABC

    Not sure if that helps your situation.. unfortunately its a bit clunky for us and adds some complexity to the Pick/Pack/Ship process.. so we havent used it.

  •  Thanks Daniel,
    I just played with the Additional Units of Measure functionality which is the same thing as it turns out and it does not do it for me either.  Stocktakes are the same in that you have to count units not cartons so it is painful. I really need (would like) the ability to count in cartons and units through the entire system. Not sure how realistic that is but IF i could do stocktaking in cartons then units I'd be happier.  Thanks,  Mark

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