Change an item price by dollar value NOT percentage

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When entering a sale, to change a price you can only do this by changing the percentage.  You have to do all the math to work out the dollar value of the discounted price.  Not very fun when you have 20 items to work out an exact price for.

Example: $129.00 RRP. 

Discounted price: $119.00

I cannot simply change the price for this one sale.  I can only change it by the percentage. So I need to work out the EXACT percentage, down to the 4th decimal place in order to get the discounted price correct.  It is a pain in the A#%!!!

Please give me the ability to change the DOLLAR value of an item in a sale and have Dear be intelligent enough to work out the discount.

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  • Has there been any follow up on this feature request? As far as I can see working in DEAR this has not been implemented.

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3 people like this idea
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