Built in specified bill of materials (expanded pick) in combined pick list and transaction reports

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It would be great if the Expanded Pick list function could be built into more templates and reports.

We don't have any own production, but we oftentimes sell product package deals. We advertise the packages on the B2B portal and have been advised to create the package deals by setting up new products and specify the content in the Bill of Material and then use auto assembly.  


When we do the packing we use the Combined packing list sorted on SKU and do picking based on product. The fact that we can't split up the package product into it's components on the Combined picking list means that we have to do a separate picking round for those.


For the report part we would also like to be able to export the Expanded List (breakdown per product instead of "product package") together with the rest of the products in the transaction report for example. Some of the products in the Bill of materials in the "Package product" goes to different income, cost and inventory accounts, that's why we need to track them on individual product basis.


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2 people like this idea
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