Stock Adjustment Improvements

started a topic almost 4 years ago

Really want a way of importing a bulk of products (Collections, Tags, Brands) , that can then be stock checked via Scanning ... anything not scanned can be adjusted to 0.

The current system of scanning only picks up items that you physically have in stock and scan, thats great however when I have an item that has 0 stock physically but DEAR thinks I have 10 in stock... that number is never changed to the correct amount.

To adjust these items correctly, I need to manually add each product size / colour etc which is incredibly time consuming...

Having the ability to export a 'Brand' 'tag' 'Vendor' etc ... load them into a stock take so they all appear as 0 and then count the stock with the scanner would be such a big improvement for me, if its not scanned or manually adjusted the quantities could be set to 0.

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