Production Module - Immediate improvements required (please vote here)

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Its about time that Dear development team starts to gather all the suggestions from the forums and make an immediate plan to improve the PRODUCTION  module.

if you can fix and improve the production module, it will really help our clients and also you can ensure we can recommend Dear to more clients.

One of my clients has already decided yesterday not to use the PRODUCTION module in Dear because: 

 1. Issue 1 : they have multiple sub-assemblies like 6-8 for each final product sub-assemblies in the final product assembly. , we assembly and to authorise each sub-assembly through backorder really is time consuming especially when they need to kick start this for several final product assemblies. 

Improvement 1.1 : for a final product with several sub-assemblies - put them all in one assembly order to produce the final product.. to trigger this, put an options if to include all sub-assemblies in the final product assembly order. no point in triggering the subassemblies in backorder.  We know that we need to run the sub-assemblies in order to produce the final product.

Improvement 1.2 Also,  for each sub-assembly : we need fields to add batch number and expiry date within the one final product assembly above.

  2. Issue 2: logs and attributes and attachments are missing in productions . Improvement 2: please add this

3. Issue 3 - for forecasting . this has been suggested by several users in the forums. Improvement 3: please scope this immediately and let us know when is this happening.

Thank you

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