Design Flaw - difficult to apply credit to items used in Finished Goods Assemblies.

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Situation.  Some goods bought were used in multiple Finished Goods Assemblies but some goods bought were defective and returned to the supplier.  We used most and returned some to the supplier

Problem.  The supplier issues a credit for the returned goods.  I cannot apply that credit to the Purchase Order.  This is because Dear Inventory won't let me apply a credit to part of a purchase once some of the items purchased are used in Finished Goods Assemblies.  I have to Undo every customer tax invoice, then undo every finished goods assembly, then apply the credit to the Purchase Order, then redo every assembly order then every tax invoice.

This is a serious design flaw in Dear Inventory.

Does anyone have a workaround for my problem.  This must be affecting all users who manufacture finished product.

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  • This workaround requires Xero (Not sure if I works with other accounting SaaS; we use Xero)

    0. @XERO  Make a new "Supplier Returns / Credit" Account (Chart of Accounts)

    - with Enable Payment with this Account  

    1.  @DEAR, Stock Adjust the returned goods.

    - with the Expense Account set to "Supplier Returns / Credit"

    *Remember to Sync with Xero

    2. @XERO, Partially Pay the PO / Invoice using "Supplier Returns / Credit" Account

    (You can also use it to pay for a different Invoice)

    This workaround enables you to:

    - Have the correct QTY in your Inventory

    - Correct the Total Amount to be paid / due for that Invoice OR use it on a different Invoice

    However, It is very hard to keep track of the Credit Note. As it is manually entered to your (Chart of) Account: 

    - it only shows up on your Account; it is not tied to any particular Supplier / Invoice

    - Cannot filter your Purchase with Credit Note

    I hope this helps.

    I don't think it affects only user who manufacture goods. One time we had to undo / revise a PO because our supplier gave us an incorrect (lower) price; and to do so we had to undo every Stock Transfers / Assembly following said Invoice Date.

    I hope Dear Inventory implements a better solution to this problem.

    (I understand the requirement to revise every transaction following D-day is to preserve data integrity, but still; I hope for a better solution)

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  • Thank you for taking the time to reply.  I have been so busy, and the supplier causing the problems created too many of them..  thanks again.

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