Purchase Payment Reversal Method

started a topic over 3 years ago

Hello. I have had an unfortunate incident where I had to resort to filing a credit card dispute for a non-performing vendor. Thus far, I have:

  1. Made a Purchase Order, added the invoice, processed it and sent it to Xero
  2. Made a payment with Credit Card
  3. Filed a Dispute with Credit Card (and won)
  4. Received money back

Now, I'm unsure what steps to take to remedy my DEAR / Xero. I'm pretty certain I know what to do with Xero but I want them to both be accurate and have an appropriate record of what happened.

How do I tell DEAR that I'm not receiving product? Do I just use a credit note to remedy the returned payment? It seems it will still show that I owe for the full invoice amount.

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