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The buttons to go the next page or previous should be on the top of the list as well as the bottom. Currently I have to scroll through the list on each page just to hit the "next" button again for the next page.

Add "View All" to the listing options instead of only up to 100. Or maybe even make it user optional how many items to view on each page.

Add a bulk editing functionality so that I don't have to export and import CSV files to do editing of many items.

Add a next and previous item button at the top of the page would make editing/reviewing items much easier. Currently having to go back to the list each time just to advance to the next item is sloowwwwwww.

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  • I especially want the option to go forwards and backwards through items when the item/product page is open.

    Most of our products are setup in groups and it is common to need to search through a few of them and needing to go back to the search page to then go to the next or previous item is a waste of time considering the simplicity of a forwards and back button.

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3 people like this idea
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