Map short description field to short description in WooCommerce

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Our current WooCommerce site has products that have an entry in the short description only. When these products are imported into DEAR, DEAR reads the product description from the short description (if there is no "long" description present). Unfortunately, when DEAR updates the product on WooCommerce it writes the description back to WooCommerce's "long" description. This changes the layout of the product page and causes the description to appear twice.

Ideally we would like to use DEAR as the canonical source and do all editing there.

It would be great if the short description field in DEAR mapped to the short description in WooCommerce.

Also, I had a look to see if it would be possible to write our own import tool, but the short description isn't exposed in the API.

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  • We also use Woocommerce, but only just implemented today. If this is happening, we won't be able to use DEAR as it will screw up all of our product descriptions on our website. Please fix this.

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