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Under the new multiple fulfilment option if you have several picks and several invoices under one SO then SO and INV numbers end up out of sync.

ie. SO-01545 but has two invoices INV-01545 and INV-01546.  Next time a sales order is raised it starts with SO-01546 but the corresponding invoices would be INV-01547 which would be very confusing for customers who are use to seeing the two corresponding numbers.  

It would be much better if there were multiple invoices for one SO then it generated as INV-01545 and INV-01545/1 and /2 etc.

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  • Advance sale feature is great and it is far easier to make multiple/piecemeal fulfillment off of the same order.  Now, the invoicing needs to catch up.


    Creating a new invoice for a fulfillment causes a new invoice to be generated using the invoicing auto-increment values found in 'Settings'.  Problem is, when we go in and invoice fulfillment #2, it uses another invoice number.


    Next sale number is S17080 and next Invoice is D17080.  

    Create S17080 and invoice on fulfillment #1 will create D17080.

    Invoice on Fulfillment #2 and you get D17081. 

    Then we create a sale S17081, and it gets invoice D17082.  Now we are out of sync and from a management standpoint, this is confusing for people to track.  We are not amazon; we have few enough invoices and orders that numeric matching goes a long way in helping our office staff in their workflows.

    Suggest this improvement...

    S17080 gets 

    D17080.1 for fulfillment #1

    D17080.2 for fullfillment #2


    And of course, far better this be a feature that can be adjusted/disabled in SETTINGS along with the auto-increment definitions.

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  • +1 for this fix

    I figured out that you can reset the Sales Order and Invoice numbers manually under General Settings to make them realign, but you would have to do this each time a Advance Sale is fulfilled multiple times. That would take too much time and effort...

    DEAR Team, is this something you are looking into?



  • @jkeig that is a great solution recommendation for the DEAR Team!

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