CSV Export format improvement for Inventory Counts/Stock Takes

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Firstly, I would like to say how pleased we are with DEAR on a day to day basis. However, the Stocktake user interaction has to be one of the most frustrating processes I've dealt with in DEAR to date.

From a user perspective, a stock take could be much easier to perform. Forcing the concept of "Zero stock on hand" onto users is bizarre and confusing particularly since an Inventory Count/Stock Take requires choosing a Location to begin with.


Also, trying to get a printout to assist in the physical inventory count is unusually challenging given how good DEAR usually is at such exports (why is no Product Category in the export? It would make life soooo much better for assigning classes of product to people for counting).

This export should include all products, regardless if they are zero on hand in DEAR. The purpose of a location wide inventory count is to have every product checked and counted.

Onto the request... as a Production Manager, when I need to perform a location wide inventory count, allow me to easily export of a list of all products, with their Product Categories, and Amount on Hand (regardless of amount on hand). I can then filter and sort by product category in Excel, so that I can assign specific inventory tasks to my staff. Then I can enter all counts for our 150 products into a single sheet (zero or non-zero) and import it into my stock take.

Really just two simple tweaks, an additional product field, and please include zero on hand items to create an inclusive list to assist in inventory counting.


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  • Hi I am finding the same issue.

    I want to run a report for three locations to perform a stocktake physically.

    When I run an inventory report it has the SKU number but looking at the Stocktake Manual update template it only has the product description.  If the SKU was listed on the stocktake template for updating it would reduce chances of errors. 

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4 people like this idea
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