Improve "Log" - Notify user upon "Undo, VOID"

started a topic over 4 years ago

1) After "Undo / VOID" "Logs" does not record the exact stage "Quote / Order / Pick / Pack" where it has been modified FROM. People who handle the shipment and packing would have no knowledge of whether the order has been previously (before its been undo or void) prepared / picked up / shipped ALREADY.

2) Once the Sales Order has been revoked, rest of the team have no idea what just happened. A notification would be helpful to be auto sent to all OTHER users who had performed at least an action on this Sales Order.

3) Logs currently does not show user IP address or browser info, where these information could be important to verify the operator's identity besides the user login e-mail.

With these fixed, team work efficiency would greatly increase and cut down our running cost.

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2 people like this idea
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