Price Tier Naming

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It would be helpful if price tiers purchases could be named. At present they  are fixed as tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 etc etc. It would be infinitely better if they could be named to suit that particular supplier. For example, you could name then 2000kgs, 5000kgs, 10000kgs etc etc so you know what volume that price tier refers to.


  • You can if you go to general settings :)

  • I think it only allows you top change "sales" price tiers, not purchases? Unless I am mistaken?

  • ah maybe! Sorry, thought that could've been an easy fix! ;)

  • The price tier in DEAR is only use for sales, we don't have Purchase price tier. The purchase price can be define in product screen Supplier's tab.

  • Yes thanks Amir, I do get that which is why I am requesting it in the feature requests section of the Dear forum. It is no use to me or anyone if the purchase price tiers don't correspond to a name. If I need to know the price break for a given quantity I wouldn't know which price break corresponded to what quantity unless I had the ability to remember every price break for every supplier which I don't. This would be a great feature if you could add it.  

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