Add Notes Column to Dashboard Invoice Lists

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Could we please add a Notes column on all invoice lists. It would then be very easy to scan for instance what the invoice is pending for or outlining any other issue.

The alternative currently is to dig into each invoice individually.

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  • notes could be added to every page! This would be super helpful :)

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  • And the note field is already there on every purchase and sale invoice. And there is clearly room to display it. Just needs a new heading called "Note" and the note field added to the display field list.

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  • Yes, please add 'Notes' to all Sales/View All views, that is, the General view, Accounting view, and Fulfillment view.  I am referring to the top 'Note' field for the overall sale order.  It would be whatever fit on one line for the given column with the ability to rollover the text to see the whole note.

  • Why this isn't already a feature is very surprising. It's really hard to look a giant list of POs and remember which ones contained what product without slowly entering and exiting each PO individually.

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4 people like this idea
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