Quote validity until date & Leadtime fields

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Can we please have the quote validity date & leadtime (for quotes) fields? We currently use the attributes but it's in another tab "Logs & Activities", which means we have to remember to go to that tab to fill in - extra work also. And we have many quotes to do. These are quite standard features and I'm sure everyone will benefit from it being at the "first page", either in the header or at the "Qutoes" tab.

It should preferable be a free text or list field because we can have validity/leadtime in days or weeks or even something like 1-2 weeks.


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  • I agree. A temporary solution is to use Required by field date but then we have to remember to change it when converting the Quote a SO. One major customer requires that we use a number “Valid for 90 days”. Anyone can suggest a merge field that calculates the number of days between Quote & Required by field dates?
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