Bulk Processing of Finished Goods

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I seem to spend most of my time processing Finished Goods requests.  Whilst they are easy to create it would great to have some bulk actions to do the following:

Change the location

Change to Authorised / In Progress / Complete

Insert Work In Progress and Completion Dates

Add a note

Sales has some great bulk actions but Production could really do with some.  Thanks

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  • This would be a great feature, especially FG created automatically from the Reorder Stock report are created in draft format. 

    When creating large amounts of assemblies it is still time consuming to Authorise, Allocate and Complate each one. The ability to bulk authorise would greatly enhance the efficiency of day to day running.

    Additionally, the ability to bulk assign expiry dates to completed assemblies would be very useful for businesses that sell food goods.


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  • Any news on this?  Whenever we get a delivery that is holding up an assembly we have to open each assembly to see if it is possible to pick.  We sometimes have 100s of assembles waiting it is very time consuming.

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4 people like this idea
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