Reorder back order stock filtered by warehouse

started a topic almost 5 years ago

We reorder raw material stock into multiple warehouse, used for manufacturing outr products at these different locations.

We need to order materials to meet the requiremetns of that location.

Different locations use the same raw materials.

When we use the reorder back ordered stock we cannot see the split between locations, so we need to manually calculate the order for each location.  this means identifying each warehouses current stock, allocated, on order and determining how much to reorder - by item. 

This is very time consuming, prone to human error and defeats substantially this great feature of DEAR.

A simple fix I would have thought would be to offer a filter of "by warehouse" in addition to the filters already offered in the re order back ordered stock screen.

User selects a warehouse, or if left blank, you get all (current programme).  then user can go about making P.O.'s that are for quantities specific for each warehouse.

Adding this feature would really round out the reorder capability and fully automate for people who order for delivery into multiple warehouses.

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