Bulk Listing/update to BigCommerce, Woo Etc based on Brand

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Every year my ventors update their pricing between January 1st and February 1st. I have products sorted on my store via generic categories meaning any category could have multiple brands in it. It would be nice if I could update the pricing for an entire brand and then simple "Bulk List" / Update that. 

Also useful would be to have a "Bulk Update" option which would only update products which are already listed. This would also want to be able to be filtered by category, tag or brand.

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  • I completely agree with this request; when I list new lines, I'm adding a batch of products in a particular brand that I would like to be easily published to my sales channels. Currently, this is a bit of a nightmare with trying to list manually for each product, or choosing a category (which could be a huge selection) or adding a tag for that brand (unnecessary duplication).

    I also update my pricelists regularly, like Steven, and it would be a much faster process if I could update just that brand once the list is updated in Dear. When I update my entire store on Vend (just under 7000 items), there is usually about 20 (different each time) that don't get updated. I rarely have problems when I update smaller lists. 

    Dear, PLEASE consider this feature!!

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  • I also agree that we need more functionality on the integration - we use Shopify for our online store. As well as the option to do by brand (without having to use tags) we sometimes only want to list certain items from a product family and not the whole range - it would be useful to be able to select (tick box maybe) the products you want to upload to the site.

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2 people like this idea
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