Auto assemble All Items exactly as per their BOM

started a topic over 5 years ago

We are finding the Auto Assemble function quite good.

It's useful to be able to turn it on or off, and it's great that items auto built when an invoice is created are now auto un built if the invoice is subsequently canceled.


We are having an issue when one of the components of the BOM for an item is itself a build item.

It seems that even if the component is built, in stock and set to "Do not auto build", when that item is used as a component of another build, the other item seeks to auto build using the components of the component. Rather than the component itself.

This does not accurately reflect our process.

So we'd like to see DEAR improved to  auto build components of an auto build item only when that component is marked as auto build... not as a default setting.

  • Hi Duncan. If the auto-assembly is disabled for components they are not supposed to be replaced with their own components. If this is not a case for you please submit a ticket and let us know FG number.

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