Add 'Ship Date' to Outstanding Quote Report

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We love the concept of the Outstanding Quote Report as we can theoretically write up future orders and track them without inventory being impacted, HOWEVER, only being able to sort by a hard coded 'Order Date' totally limits the usability of the report. 

Within each quote there is a required 'Date' field (which automatically is labeled as that day you're on) and 'Required By' date (not required but what we and I assume most people use as a 'Ship Date'). Unfortunately neither of those dates pass through to the Outstanding Quotes Report but it could be fantastic if one of these dates was used (or you had the option to use) instead of the hard coded date it currently uses (and isn't adjustable). 

To give an example of why we need this...our business is an apparel company that sells both B2B and B2C; for our B2B (wholesale) business, our sales reps go write orders early for future seasons (for example, we were writing orders in July for order that will ship in Spring 2016). We want to capture those orders in our system but not have them affect the inventory levels quite yet. That's what is great about the 'Quote' phase of the order, but then if we want to run a report to determine our written sales or total inventory on orders for the future season/months, we can't do so unless we take the order beyond the quote phase.

Please help as this would just require changing the 'Date' from a hard coded date to a customizable date that is already required within each 'Quote'!

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2 people like this idea
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