Enhance Creditor batch payment data entry

started a topic over 5 years ago

I have several  suggested improvements as the current algorithim is not well thought out, is not based on what the average user wants to do and costs us time we don't have....

1. Add a checkbox against each invoice which if ticked will enter the total of that invoice for payment into the data entry field. Allow the user to override the amount which would check the entry..

2. Allow invoices to be selected for payment without first entering the total amount of the batch payment at the beginning of the process.

3. Do not zero amount to pay on invoices if the batch total is edited after commencing the process.

Often we would say something like I will pay Supplier ABC about $500 and check off invoices one by one until we get to around that amount. The current algorithm requires to add up the invoices to be paid first as if you change the total of the batch you loose all of your data entry which resets to NIL. Shouldn't DEAR do the mundane stuff for us?

  • Oops, in item 1, the last sentence should read "Allow the user to override the amount which would UNcheck the entry."
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