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Currently when printing invoices, Dear sends the pdf with a content header of 'attachment' - this forces the browser to download the pdf.

Most often we just want to print the invoice.

Can you give the option to send the pdf with a content header of 'inline' so that the pdf would open in the browser pdf viewer making it quicker and easier to print.

(See the first answer here for more details:

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  • If you are using Chrome, you can probably accomplish this by right clicking on a downloaded PDF on the bottom browser bar and changing the value of "Always open with System Viewer"). Personally, I prefer the document to open in Acrobat Pro as its instantaneous and is more robust but maybe other PDF readers are a bit slower.

  • Thanks for the suggestion Rod. I know about this option but it's significantly more clicks and slower than using the browser built-in PDF viewer. Chrome and Firefox have excellent support for this now and saves having to ensure all our staff have the correct PDF viewer configured and installed.

    I'm suggesting this as configurable option in Dear 'General Settings' > Display PDF's Inline or Download

    (Acrobat Pro instant?! That's new to me!!)

  • I agree, in line is what we would use most, it's a royal pain to save them on disk, also have to clean them up afterwards so considerably more hassle for view only workflow. For folk that want a save to disk workflow one extra click wont hurt, will it?

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4 people like this idea
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