download orders / sales as a spreadsheet

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What we need to do on a regular basis is:

  • Select certain orders from our sales list (e.g. sales for WA placed on a certain date).
  • Download just those selected ones into a spreadsheet (csv / excel)
  • Sort them in the spreadsheet by customer and, within that, by product code.

However, when we download from our sales list now, we get a csv file of all orders not just the selected ones, and there is no 'code' line. 

In addition, the code is not even shown at the start of the product description (as it is when we place the orders) so this makes it very difficult to convert our orders accurately into the required format (this is needed when booking deliveries with our various shipping companies).

Please can this feature be added asap!!!

Thanks in advance

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1 person likes this idea
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