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Our SKUs are generated alpha numerically so that the first few letters can be used to group relevant items together.

By inputting the first few letters of an SKU we should be able to find a group related group of items...

As we input more of the SKU we should be able to narrow the selection of items down as required, until finally we can find the exact item we are searching by inputting it's exact SKU.

Unfortunately DEAR seems to take some weird formula including some of the SKU and product name, description and who knows what else to generate a semi random set of results for SKUs.

It would save us a whole lot of time if DEAR would offer search results by SKU like MYOB and Xero do.

Hello DEAR....

I'd really like to know if you are actually reading this....?

A bit like say....replying to an email...

Could you you please acknowledge if you have read this suggestion and maybe even give some feedback?

That would be TOTALY AWESOME!!!!

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  • Hi Duncan Millar.

    Thank you for your input. We will consider implementing better search module in our future releases.

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