Better Explanations of Basic DEAR Invoicing Back Ordering an Stock Allocation Functionality

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I'd really like to see DEAR go right bak to basics and asses how it can better communicate the basic processes of Invoicing, Back Ordering making changes to customer orders and stock allocation in a way that makes sense and is easy for the small business owner to understand.

I've recently learned that when I don't want to Back Order something I need to select "Back Order".... and I've been told that DEAR doesn't allocate stock to particular Sale Orders... despite the fact that DEAR generates reports showing allocation of stock to sale orders.

It's all very confusing and frustrating.

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  • Hi Duncan. We are sorry about all the difficulties you are experiencing with the back order function. So just to make things more clear:

    On product availability report in 'Allocated' column you can see the number of items for which sale orders were authorized but not yet shipped. More details on product availability report are here:

    When you are trying to authorize a sale order for items where 'quantity on hand' is less then 'allocated' (allocated as seen in product availability report ) + required for this particular order - you need to click on 'Backorder' even if you are planning to ship the items currently on hand immediately.

    The items are considered to be allocated to a particular order if the Pick tab for this order is authorized. Before that the items can be picked for any backordered sale order.

    A lot of useful information about processing sale orders is also here:

    Please feel free to contact us if you still have any doubts about back orders. It's our pleasure to assist you.

  • Hi Dear Support 

    Thanks for your reply.

    In our business we send out Pro Forma Invoices to our customers. This is considered standard practice in our industry. It means we do not ship any stock until the invoice is paid.

    That means we need to generate an invoice and firmly allocate the stock to it but not ship it until payment is received.

    We do not physically pick and pack  the invoice until it is paid.....and often we need to make changes to it before it is paid and shipped, but we need to be sure we have all the stock on hand to fill the invoice when it is paid.

    If we use the "Back Order" Pick / Pack function to work around the stock availability we may find that we are unable to fill other Pro Forma Invoices when they are paid because we no longer have all the items on hand.

    This would be a serious problem for us.

    So we always use "Split Order" when DEAR tells us that some of the stock is not available.

    We have recently learned that all of the back orders created for unavailable items when we Split an Order can be reverted to "Ordering" so that DEAR will not allocate items to them when we don't want it to. While this helps,it is more work and delivers less reporting.

    Having items "Ordering" means that we have limited reporting on these items.... I think none?

    But unfortunately this is the only way I can see that we can send process and amend Pro Forma Invoices using DEAR.

    Can you recommend a better way for us to use DEAR to issue and process Pro Forma Invoices?

    I'd sure like to hear it!

    Failing that can you update DEAR so that it will work better for us?

    There are numerous ways this could be done.

    Possibly an"Invoice First" function in the Sale Order Process like the one in the Purchase Order process?

    Looking foward to yourreply.

    Kind Regards

    Duncan Millar

    Cool Coconut

  • Hi Duncan,

    We have Sale Quote that you can use as an "Invoice First" function. It doesn't allocate any stock and you can still apply a payment against the Quote. Once the invoice is created the prepayment will be allocated to it automatically. You can change the title of the document from 'Sale Quote' to 'Pro Forma Invoice' if you prefer.

    We have the following phases for "allocation":

    1. Before the order is authorized - no allocation.

    2. Once the Order tab is authorized - the item is 'allocated' but it can still be picked on any other order. On the availability report 'allocated' can be more than 'on hand' and availability which is 'on hand' minus 'allocated' can be negative.

    3. Once the Pick is authorized - the items are still 'allocated' but they can't be picked on any other order.

    4. Once the Ship tab is authorized - the items are deducted from stock - they are removed from 'On hand' and from 'Allocated'.

    Unfortunately we do not have any other tools to manage the availability and allocation. If you feel that there is a better solution then let us know your idea in details so our development team can consider improving our allocation process.

    Thank you!

  • +1

    Please also add additional control over allocations and backorders:

    See the Forced Allocations Ticket for more details

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