Allow daily consolidation to work with shipstation

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Currently, if you use daily consolidation for one marketplace, no orders flow to Shipstation. Suggest that daily consolidation orders do not sync with Shipstation, but all others do. This will allow manual orders created in DEAR to flow to Shipstation as well as orders from non-daily consolidated marketplaces. Alternatively, all orders could flow to Shipstation and daily consolidation would only affect Xero/accounting.

For example, we have 2 BC stores, one for direct to consumer and one for wholesale. The DTC orders are all paid at the time of order via credit card, so all these can be consolidated daily and passed to Xero as a lump sum because we know all orders are paid. The wholesale store on the other hand has a mix of paid and net30 orders, so daily consolidation is not an option. Manual orders such as marketing or customer service need to draw from inventory as well, so we want those to go through DEAR, but also flow to Shipstation.

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  • This looks like some setup configuration problem, as every sale created in DEAR is independent when sending to ShipStation. It just should have authorised Pack and some like in Ship without tracking number. And another requirement is to have correct shipment address on the sale. Sales created via different external stores and in DEAR directly are completely independent from each other. Please raise a support ticket and provide some examples for us to investigate.

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