Product Sell Price Based Off Supplier Buy Price

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Could you please look at adding this to a future release.

Potentially something along the lines of Excel’s formula string: [Item Supplier Price] / [Exchange Rate USD/AUD] + [Freight Modifier] + [Margin] (where all items in []’s are variables / lookups)


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  • For what it's worth...

    We accomplish that kind of thing with a quick export/import to/from excel. 

    Maybe there would be some way to automate this with a feature like you describe, but pretty easy for us to do the way we're doing it, so this hasn't been a particularly significant pain-point in our workflow.

  •  I've used system in the past that set price tier rules via a number of different methods. So for example I could use tier rules such as:

    Tier 1 (RRP): cost price x 2

    Tier 2 (RWP): cost price x 1.5

    Tier 1 (retail1): Tier 1 – 15%

    Tier 1 (retail2): Tier 1 -20%

    Tier 1 (retail3): Tier 1 – 25%

    Tier 1 (w/sale1): cost price + 25%

    Tier 1 (w/sale2): cost price + 20%

    Tier 1 (w/sale3): cost price + 15%

    Tier 1 (basecost): cost price + 5%

    As long as there is an option at individual product level to apply or not apply the rules.

    As mentioned above this can be done at Excel level, but for a dozen or so products it is very time consuming.

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