Enter Product Barcode Field information using Barcode Scanner

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Currently it is only possible to read barcodes with the scanner and pull up products with that number already entered, but in order to input that barcode to the product in the first place, you have to read and type it out manually. It would make using barcoding way better to be able to scan in barcode values into the barcode field on product pages. 

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  • Another issue is that there's a question whether or not to include the start/stop characters (either square brackets or asterisks) in the barcode field. Our Symbol scanners always wrap Code 39 in start/stop and DEAR won't find records for those products unless the barcode is originally entered with start/stop chars. Seems to me that DEAR should potentially ignore the start/stop characters, if present, or at least add a tooltip next to the field to indicate what the expected format for that field should be.

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2 people like this idea
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