Bypassing the save feature when trying to print forms

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Hi guys, I've been using Dear Inventory for about 6 months now and there is a feature that I would really love to be implemented. Currently, when you go to print a form, the system generates a pdf file and requests you to save that file. In order to print this form, you then have to open it and then select the print option. What my business would really benefit from, is bypassing this altogether, and for the form to actually print straight away. I have found just a few lines of code for a Java applet that can do this, and it looks to be a very simple fix. Hopefully this request is heard and can be implemented ASAP.

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  • On OSX I recommend Chrome, and set the option to "ALWAYS OPEN FILES OF THIS TYPE".  You can then drag drop, save or print right away.

    No other code required by Dear.

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2 people like this idea
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