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My feature suggestion is to have an additional description box in the inventory product record, so that internal notes / reminders etc could be recorded against the stock item.

There is space for this box above the description box (which we use to provide additional description information to the customer). 

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  • +1 for this. It would be nice to have, especially since "notes to seller" from shopify can't be seen anywhere on sale orders in Dear, until they are passed to shipstation or xero

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  • +1

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  • The Description field for products is Public and published in each Marketplace.

    We need a "Internal Notes" field to keep track of whatever info about that product that doesn't fit elsewhere and should not get shared quantity pricing breakdowns, Notes/Reminder for sales rep, common issue, etc.

    This is a 3 line "memo" type feel much like the description field just below it

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