Added Notes for serialized items

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Serialized items have a unique identity in the system.  Yet, other than the actual serial number, there are no other unique comments or notes allowed to be made for the specific serialized item.  When I am in availability and looking at my inventory, I can click on a serialized item to go into the properties for that item.  What I'm actually going into are the properties for that SKU and NOT the properties for that actual item.

It would be great to see Dear add functionality that allows serialized equipment to have their own unique properties (because they do).  I'm looking at least for notes to be made on the product (ie,damage, custom features, any other notes pertinent to the history of the product).  Being able to adjust the cost in this screen wouldn't be a bad thing either.  If a product has to be repaired, simply increasing the price by an amount would be nice to do on the properties screen of the specific item.

Having the column available to be viewed in the availability screen would be good as well.  We tend to have a quite a few items that sit on our balance sheet but are in different locations.  This would be a good area for these type of notes.

Thanks for reading my feature request.

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