Automatic Assembly Orders

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Once the 'minimum before reorder' point is reached for a finished good, an assembly order is automatically generated to produce the reorder quantity.

This is similar to the automatic PO generation request, but would be helpful for businesses that manufacture their own finished goods.

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  • Anyone have any feedback regarding this?

    I'm new to DEAR and I am at the moment testing the system with dummy Finished Goods and Raw Materials.

    I would love to have assembly orders automatically created according to inventory stock level however it seems it is not implemented yet?

    How do you guys bypass it?

    Someone at support told me (If I actually understood properly) I could set myself as the supplier of the finish goods we are producing and see the Reorder in purchase module? Does anyone use this way to track assembly job required?

    Any other ways you are doing it like using the API to pull inventory level and generate assembly job according to it?



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3 people like this idea
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