Include a line item on an invoice where we have no stock

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My client supplies the wholesale retail industry with small low value beauty items.

The customers sent a preprinted order form to be fulfilled, often up to 150 line items.

The client maintains a small warehouse in Australia.

All stock is supplied to my client from a single USA supplier (Australian Dealership rights)with a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

Entering the customers orders from the precoded sheet we may be out of stock on a small number of line items on that order.

The client does not want to backorder or split order, because if it cannot be supplied on this order most customers will source an alternative item elsewhere or defer to a future order.

Also using backorders the customers will not pay for goods that have not been supplied, and with Xero as our accounting system this creates confusion with the bank reconciliation where amount received do not correspond with invoiced amount.

Currently my client is ignoring the line items that it cannot supply.

However the customers are on the phone asking why all the items as per the order were not supplied (most customers order weekly) and one customers has 140 stores that order and receipt goods independently - a lot of calls.

What we need is:

The ability to enter all lines as per customer order with notification on out-of-stock items that we are unable to supply.

We can do this simply using the comment field to advise out-of-stock

Or preferably by entering the "QTY ordered" and then have a new field called "QTY Out Of Stock" (or whatever).

Remember in retail if you cannot supply on order, items with short shelf life or subject to seasonal demand or where substitutes exist, the customer will not always want you to backorder where there will be a 3-4 week lead time.


Gerry Naughton



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