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Under the Sale/View All or Purchases/View All, please make more options available for the SHOW dropdown.  I am looking to be able to show all but completed purchase orders, and be able to filter out voided items.  

Alternatively, look at the menu choices, and use checkboxes for items that we want to be included or excluded.  Or put in another option that shows "all but voided, and completed.

Lastly, more filtered data and columns should be available in these same Sale or Purchase "View All" screens.  Several items are not availble in the drop down check box list from the Header Block.  Such as in Sale/View All: Sales Rep, Location, Account, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Note, Custom Fields.  

Use case is being able to sort, columns by any of the data deemed important enough to use in the header in the first place.

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  • Yes, agree with all suggestions above. 

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3 people like this idea
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