Autofill or drowndown option for emails

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Wouldn’t it be possible to have some kind of “autofill” in the “To” field of the email we are sending similar to what many webpages do when you type in your name or address? This would eliminate us making any spelling errors when we have to retype the email address 50 times every day.


I hope you know what I mean, basically if I was to type in “sup” to enter your email address, the field would be automatically recognise that I have used this email address before and give mesupport@dearsystems.comas an option.


Alternatively, it would be good to have a dropdown in the "to" field with either the customer contact email (or a list if there are more than one) plus have the option for a generic email address we can specifiy somwehere in general settings which would then be our ware house email address. If possible we would need a few of these as we use different ware houses all with a different email address. But that would eliminate spelling errors.


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2 people like this idea
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