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Q. What exactly does the QBO sync do. This is displayed at the bottom on my DEAR screen and it says I have Products , Invoices and Contacts that requires syncing. Is the connection from DEAR to QBO user initiated by this sync now button ? What if the contacts or product are already in QBO?

A.Sync process is initiated manually by clicking Sync Now button.If your contacts in QBO have exactly the same name as in DEAR they won't be duplicated, but will be updated. System checks chart of accounts, tax rules and imports new/updated entries. Go to Integration->Quickbooks Online page and check 'How integration works ?' section for more details.

Q.I couldn't sync product files into Quickbooks Online. Tried everything.

A.You trial is expired, you can't do any transacting or syncing

Q. I just entered an inventory adjustment that I don’t want to sync. Where is the "sync screen"?

A. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you will see your company name. Point mouse over your company name and click on one of the items (invoice, product etc), you will be taken to the sync screen. You can skip the sync entry by updating its status. See below.

Q. When I sync with Quickbooks some of my inventory items in Dear get their descriptions changed to another items description.

A. Unlikely it happens because of our sync process.  You need to decide where you maintain your master product listing (we suggest to use DEAR) and modify items only in one place. 

Q. What happens if you switch pages during QuickBooks Online sync? Will the sync stop? Will it continue to run in the background?

A. All processing happens on the server, you can close sync page after sync was initiated

Q.When I create an invoice or sales receipt in Quickbooks, it does not sync to Dear. Why?

A.Currently DEAR doesn't sync invoices and sales receipts created in QBO. In order to have them in both systems you need to create them in DEAR and sync to QBO.

Q.I’m using your trial with Quickbooks Online. After the initial import from Quickbooks do I have to sync for the info to go back to QBO? Can I use the imported information in the trial to test the Dear system then delete the trial before officially integrating with QBO?

A.You can use imported info for testing, once you decide to join you can delete all trial data. On application dashboard you can find Delete Trial Data button. 

Q.I’m getting this error 'Business Validation Error: You cannot use " in a name, use a single quote instead.' 

A.Please change the name and use single quote as advised. 

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