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Q. What exactly does the Xero sync do. This is displayed at the bottom RHS on my DEAR screen and it says I have Products , Invoices and Contacts that requires, syncing. Is the connection from DEAR to XERO user initiated by this sync now button ? What if the contacts are already in Xero ?

A.Sync process is initiated manually by clicking Sync Now button.If your contacts in Xero have exactly the same name as in DEAR they won't be duplicated, but will be updated. System checks chart of accounts, tax rules and imports new/updated entries. Go to Integration->Xero page and check 'How integration works ?' section for more details.

Q. Our Xero sync is showing an error we haven’t seen before and can’t find how to fix.

A. If you voided this item just click on Failed link and change it to Skip. System won't try to sync it again because Xero won't be able to update it anyway.

Q. My Xero Sync says not connected???

A.Unless you disconnected from Xero intentionally please navigate to Integration>Xero and click Connect.

Q. Sync transactions to xero - what permission is required to enable this feature ?

A.There is a special check box 'Accounting - Xero' to allow changes to Xero integration/syncing on Users & Permissions page  

Q. it appears my xero sync has gone down. After following the “sync now” prompt and authorising the connection through xero. Dear still shows the connection status as “not being authorised”. Any attempt to synchronise results in the error message “Unexpected Error occurred: Xero authentication did not succeed. Please try again.”

A. Please try to login to your Xero account and see if you have the same problem.

Q. Payment did not sync to XERO. I have one payment cannot sync to XERO and the sync report did not show any error. I have done the payment in XERO manually. But pls let me know why it did not go through.

A. Exporting failed because in Xero you paid invoices manually and if invoice status is Paid in Xero, it doesn't allow to allocate payments again.  You can change status of these failed entries to Skipped (can be done on Xero sync page for any pending or failed entry).

Q. Xero fails to sync because bank type accounts do not have codes in Xero ? See below

A. Please add a numerical code to your bank account in Xero and try sync again.

Importing account "XXXX YYYY ZZZZ" failed: this account has no Code assigned in Xero.

Q. I have been trying to sync with Xero and what seems to have happened is that I used an incorrect account code (610) in some documents. I have corrected the problem so it no longer happens but my question is how do I retrospectively clear the errors which still exist?

A. You need to tell us what account you would like to use instead of 610. We will fix it for you.

Q. Some invoices I made in Xero are not syncing back to DEAR—-is there something I am doing wrong?

A. DEAR doesn't pull invoices from Xero at the moment. You need to create invoices in DEAR and sync them to Xero. Bi-directional Xero integration is on our to-do list.

Q.  I want to sync to a new Xero account. How do I go about changing DEAR  to not sync to the existing Xero file and start syncing to the new xero file?

A. Go to Integration->Xero page and click on disconnect (NOT disable). Please make sure that new Xero account will have the same chart of accounts and taxation rules. Otherwise you sync will fail. If two Xero organisations have different chart of accounts you better create new DEAR account and load all data again. 

Q. Why don’t payments receipted in DEAR sync with Xero? After receipting a payment in DEAR and then syncing with Xero the invoices are still o/s in Xero.

A. On your Integration->Xero page you have Payments should be 'Pulled from Xero' option selected. To change direction you need to choose 'Pushed to Xero'. Please note that changing this setting now won't affect old payments and will be effective for payments created after this parameter has been changed.

Q.The error message says a payment or credit note has been allocated to this invoice, however I can see no record of this? 

A. This message comes from Xero. Make sure you do not have an invoice with the same number paid in Xero.

Q. I am syncing DEAR with XERO, everything goes through ok apart from one order, it fails and I get an error message as below.“Customer was archived in Xero and can’t be updated”

A. Please Restore archived contact in Xero.

Q. Some contacts in Xero don’t sync into DEAR. Is there a setting I need to enable within Xero or a flag? 

A. If the contact has no transactions in Xero - it won't sync into DEAR. The reason for this is that the contact is not specified as a customer or vendor in Xero until Sale or Purchase generated. So before this moment DEAR doesn't know if this is going to be a customer or a vendor. In order to avoid this problem we recommend to create customers and vendors in DEAR and sync them into Xero. You also have an option to load all contacts without existing transactions by setting 'Treat all Xero Contacts as Customers' flag on Integration->Xero  page.

Q. We have added 739 products to Dear but when the sync is being down to Xero the inventory list is only showing 281?

A. Your integration with Xero was disabled when you start adding stock to DEAR. If integration is disabled no sync entries are created in the system. The way the resolve this would be to export product list to csv, change something not really important for you like barcode or stock locator and reimport the list.This will trigger creation of sync entries for changed product for Xero. You can then sync these products as usual.

Unless you really want to have all these items in Xero items reference book, it is not necessary to have all items in Xero to successfully create sales and purchases in DEAR. Every time you use some product in sales or purchases it automatically generates sync entry for Xero for all products in this task.

Q. I have two invoices which won’t sync across to Xero, although no error message comes up, they do not appear in Xero.

A. You may need to check invoice # rather than order number.

Q. I’m having a problem with my XERO sync of customer file I uploaded to DEAR last night – It is reporting a hexadecimal error. I had this issue when I did my first upload as I was unable to see the hexadecimal character in any of my files. You were able to see this and removed the hexadecimal character for me.

A. You can open the file with Notepad and check for these characters. If found just replace with space. Also try to save as SCV (MS DOS) when using MS Excel. It may happen when you export this data from other systems. Generally excel doesn't add these characters. Also don't use carriage return (Enter) button to cut long lines.

Q. I can no longer sync Purchase Invoices with Xero. I receive the message – ‘The TaxType code ’GSTONIMPORTS’ cannot be used with account code ‘600’.’ 

A. Error message "The TaxType code ’GSTONIMPORTS’ cannot be used with account code ‘600’" is generated by Xero and indicates that you can't use Sales Tax/GST on Imports tax rule with Account Code 600. If you try to create the same bills in Xero you will get the same error message. Please check for details here

Q. I got sync error Invoice not of valid status for modification

A.Please check the corresponding invoice in Xero and ensure it has not been Voided or Paid, this message generally refers to this issue. It it was Paid you may need to remove payment in Xero if you still want to complete the sync. If sync is not required please change Failed status to Skipped on Xero synchronisation page to suppress this error

Q. I got sync error Payments can only be made against authorised documents

A.Please check the corresponding invoice in Xero and ensure it has been authorised

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